Business owners are often being encouraged to engage on Twitter. You’ve seen the remarkable things Twitter can accomplish for your business. How loyal followers will increase your visibility and even put you ahead of the competition.

But exactly how true is it?

A number of you may find it difficult to believe considering the amount of Twitter users are a lot less than the level of Facebook users.
Businesses all over the world are using Twitter to get in touch with a bigger target audience. Again and again, Twitter has shown to be an excellent tool, particularly in the sales and marketing world in which revenue is the single thing people are likely to see.

You might still be doubtful and I totally get it. This content is about why Twitter is great for business. At the conclusion of this post, you may change your mind (you’ve been cautioned) regarding Twitter.

1. Connecting with your clients

Sending a possible customer a private text after they’ve followed you is a good way to increase the appreciation and trust a customer has for the business. Another benefit is that you can listen to what the customers are saying.
This feedback is very valuable if you have plans to grow your business (or at best, build up the value of it).

2. Spying on your competition

Connecting with prospective customers is only one part of the equation. Twitter enables you to listen to complaints and customer feedback they may share publicly with the competitors.

Want to really make Twitter marketing do the job? Collect this post in an Excel sheet and do deep evaluation with your team on every week or monthly schedule for future product implementation.

No doubt, compiling data and listening requires time but there are tools which you can use to decrease the time used to finish the process; such as, Hootsuite and Mention.

3. FREE marketing

Just take a moment and craft the 140 character pitch and then with the click of a button, it could reach all your followers that are on the internet. Marketing fees is zero.

You don’t need to pay to make use of Twitter and you don’t need to pay to tweet. Except if you are considering investing in Twitter advertising or certain advance tools to help make your life easier, charges for marketing on Twitter is absolutely zero.

4. Always keep customers informed

If you are running a particular business, you surely understand the significance of keeping the customers updated. Twitter is a good tool to always keep them informed on the latest promotion, sales and information your business is getting.

5. Marketing using Twitter

Twitter is an incredible marketing tool. As you know, tweets are usually indexed by Google and so, it’s useful with regard to search engine optimization.

6. Increase sales by using Twitter

Based on a survey carried out by Constant Contact, 60 percent of followers of a brand are likely to carry out purchases or recommend items after they followed the brand on Twitter. In order to make things juicier, 50 percent of the followers are more likely to sign up or buy services from the brands they usually follow.


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