In the modern world today, Twitter forms one of the most powerful social media platforms for businesses and entrepreneurs to use. It is capable of delivering your brand marketing messages fast and also directly to your specific target audience. If you are not familiar with how to use Twitter correctly then you could be missing out on a number of goodies. Below are some top 10 tips for using Twitter that will be of much help to you in order to get the most out of using twitter for marketing purposes:

1. Share Valuable Content
You should make sure that you draft your content tweets as well as replies in a seamless manner that matches your brand. This will compel people to read your tweets and also click on the links that you share. This will enhance your click-through rates and retweet in a remarkable fashion.

2. Utilize Keywords in your Tweets
Keywords remain to be the driving force that is relevant for web content. They are the backbone for content in blog posts, websites and also twitter. You should use keywords that best describe your industry or business.

3. Ensure your links contain useful content
Ensure that the links you share contain useful content as they will be effective in growing and also retaining followers. This has been found to be more effective that engaging your followers in a conversation. Sharing more useful links usually enables your fan base to grow more than replies and conversations.

4. Use Twitter features to discover what clients need
There are some Twitter tools like the search feature fund in a tool like HootSuite to look for conversations that touch on a problem that your own business can solve. This will enable you to get an insight onto what is on your prospective audience’s mind and get an opening for you to assist them. You can provide a link or a video that will solve their issues effectively. This simple move might lead to you getting more customers in future.

5. Connect to the right People and start tweeting with them
Businesses should focus on how best to implement their Twitter strategy. Your business should focus more on finding people that are relevant and the ones that will follow you. There is no point of having so many followers that do not get you anywhere or anything. Utilize tools like Twellow, Wefollow and Follower Wonk to find the people based in your region and those that are interested in your industry. After getting the right audience, tweet with them by following and engaging in their conversations.

6. Nurture Relationships
You should pay attention when anyone tweets about your business or retweets anything you share. You should never take it for granted when somebody helps you share the word. You should thank them and add them to your private list of tweeters and retweeters. You can also attempt to know more about them in order to nurture your relationships. Check out Lisa Overholt Twitter Account for ideas and tips on how you should set up your Twitter page.

7. Engaging your audience
Ensure that you come up with ways of reaching out to your audience and engaging them. Never set your Twitter feed to operate in auto pilot or push for promotional content. You will get more attention if you make your feed a resource for all your followers.

8. Being helpful
Effective marketing on Twitter usually takes time and takes more than just merely selling and pushing your advert message. You should interact and engage with your consumers consistently. This will make your product or service to remain on top of your mind always and they will come to you when they need your services or products.

9. Using Hashtags to create conversations that center around your brand
Ensure you display your followers’ tweets when they retweet by displaying their tweets on your blog or site. You should create hashtags to challenge your followers to do something which will both be fun and spread your brand message far and wise. This will market your brand effectively.

10. Tweet Links to Your Own Blog
Twitter can be used for lead generation. You can use it as a channel to drive traffic to other avenues that have your content. Ensure you do not go overboard or spammy and this will give you an edge over other brands.
All these are some of the top 10 tips for using Twitter for marketing purposes.


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